The University of Montevideo awarded the Honorary Doctorate to Rafael Alvira

On Tuesday, October 24, the UM honored the Spanish philosopher Rafael Alvira
The Universidad de Montevideo awarded the Honorary Doctorate to Rafael Alvira

Dr. Enrique Etchevarren, Interim Rector, represented the UM, with Dr. Luisa Peirano, Director of International Relations, and Dr. Francisco O'Reilly, Dean of the School of Humanities and Education. Authorities and teachers from other schools accompanied them.

Dr. Mercedes Rovira, vice dean of the School of Business Administration and Economics Sciences and Economics, attended on Alvira's behalf to receive, in his name, four insignia: the academic cap, the diploma, the book of science, and the ring. The honored professor followed the ceremony from the headquarters of the University of Navarra in Madrid, where family, friends, and colleagues accompanied him. Likewise, over one hundred people connected to the institutional YouTube channel to follow the live broadcast from different places around the world.

Dr. Alvira spoke and recalled the origin of his connection with the UM:

"I still remember the arrival at my office from the Business and Humanism Institute of three people I did not know: Jorge Peirano, Santiago Pérez del Castillo, and Ricardo Olivera. Immediately, in the first conversation - they were not wasting time - we entered directly "in media res", and they told me they wanted to set up a University in Uruguay. The surprising thing about the case is that they were serious. They did it very soon, and its development has been magnificent so that today it is already an Institution with a proven name and value," he recalled.

Alvira thanked the University and gave a speech in which he reflected on the social changes that have occurred, the idea of the great "reset", the need to begin a new thought and culture, a construction from new concepts, the ultimate origin of change; the limit from the modern perspective as well as the Socratic one; and about current teaching.

For his part, the rector of the University addressed Alvira in gratitude: "We are fortunate, and we are debtors, and today, we wanted to pay off at least part of that debt by recognizing Don Rafael, his academic career, and his valuable contribution to the University as a teacher of many generations. It is challenging to measure the scope of the university task. We sow seeds that we don't know where they will go. You are an example for all of us of that planting".

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