International faculty at the University in April under the Erasmus+ Program

Staff from Romania and Spain taught in the Shool of Humanities and Education
International faculty at the University in April under the Erasmus+ Program

During the first week of April 2024, the UM School of Humanities and Education (FHUMyE) welcomed three staff members courtesy of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program: Dr. Carlos Manuel Hidalgo Ternero, an esteemed translation professor and researcher at the University of Málaga; Dr. Dana Bădulescu and Dr. Roxana Vieru, distinguished literature, and translation professors from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iași, Romania.

During their enriching five-day visit, Dr Hidalgo Ternero taught classes in the Commercial Translation and Translation III courses, both taught by Prof. Beatriz Sosa. He also contributed his expertise to the Consecutive Interpretation course led by Prof. Elena Baker. Furthermore, he shed light on new job opportunities for graduates and the domain of linguistic engineers. Additionally, he referred to how to improve neural machine translation (NMT) of idiomatic expressions using gApp, Paidiom and voice-integrated system for interpreters (VIP). On the other hand, the Romanian scholars taught lessons on Romanian culture in the English Language II course led by Prof. Cristina Chiusano and Cultural Studies I conducted by Prof. Daniela Garino.

Hidalgo Ternero, Bădulescu, and Vieru also met members of the International Relations Office (UM Global), the MA in English Language and Intercultural Bilingual Education (MELBE) director, Prof. Cristina Chiusano, and the BA in Translation coordinator, Trad. Nicolás Manfredi.

In a parallel exchange, Iulian Lapusneanu, Financial Officer at Alexander Iasi University, visited our university to discuss staff training mobility. During his visit, he engaged in various activities, which included meeting Esteban Fort, director of the Department of Administration and Finance, and Juan Manuel Santisteban, head of Finance.

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