Study for a Semester

In order to be admitted to the University, you should meet the following entry requirements: 

  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Be in, at least, the second year of your studies 
  • 3.0 GPA or better (on a 4.0 scale) and in good standing at home college or university 
  • Prior coursework related to intended studies at the Universidad de Montevideo 
  • To attend courses taught in Spanish, a B2 or C1 level from the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR) is required.  You can attend the Spanish Language Courses for foreigners.

Nomination Deadline
Semester 1 (March-July): October 15th
Semester 2 (August-December): April 15th

Application Deadline
Semester 1 (March-July): November 15th
Semester 2 (August-December): May 15th

The UM Office of International Affairs will send the online Application Form after receiving the nomination from your home University. 

Pre-arrival support starts after students will receive the letter of acceptance by email. Next, the Office of International Relations makes sure students receive, also by email, an updated student guide package and academic calendar, followed by a schedule of courses offered during the semester. Once the student receives the schedule, the University offers academic counseling so that students can choose courses that best match their interests and needs. 

As part of pre-arrival support, the Office of International Relations organizes a two-day orientation program at the beginning of each semester, designed to help new international students settle in by introducing them to the University and to Montevideo. Another day trip takes place early in the semester to encourage students to get to know each other and discover a town outside of Montevideo. 

Semester 1 (March- July)

Orientation for International Students
Monday, February 26 - Tuesday, February 27

Start of Classes
Monday, March 4

Public Holidays
Monday, March 25 through Saturday, March 30 - Easter Week
Monday, April 22 - Desembarco de los Treinta y Tres Orientales (19 abril 1825)

Wednesday, May 1 - Día del Trabajador
Saturday, May 18 - Batalla de Las Piedras
Saturday, June 15 - Día del trabajador de la enseñanza privada
Wednesday, June 19 - Natalicio de Artigas

End of classes
Saturday, June 22

Examination Period (*)
Monday, June 24 - Saturday, August 3

Semester 2 (August-December)

Orientation for International Students
Monday, July 29 through Friday, August 2

Start of Classes
Monday, August 5

Public Holidays
Saturday, August 25 – Declaratoria de la Independencia
Saturday, October 16 – Día de la Raza

Saturday, November 2 – Día de los Difuntos

End of classes
Saturday, November 16

Examination Period (*)
Monday, November 28 – Saturday, December 28