Graduate Programs at Universidad de Montevideo

Graduate Programs

The Universidad de Montevideo offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the arts, business, communications, economics, education, engineering, film studies, humanities, Latin American studies, law, liberal arts, mathematics, social sciences, technology, translation, and health care.

The flexibility of UM degrees and the variety of options available allow you to pick your courses and shape your studies to make sure the program you choose suits you.

Through our academic and student support services, you’ll meet mentors, get help with classes and connect with new friends. Individualize your path to success with undergraduate research, internships and study abroad. We can help you find the right course for you!

The following is a list of graduate programs at the UM.

Master in Communication Management (MA) 

Postgraduate Program in Political Communication 

Master in Business Administration (MBA) 

Master in Business Administration for seniors (MBA) 

Program for Management Development 

Master in Health Center Management 

Young Professionals Program 

Special Short Programs 

High Management Training Program 


Master’s Degree in Finance  

Master’s Degree in Accounting & Taxation 

Master’s Degree in Economics 

Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics 

Postgraduate Program in Corporate Finance 

Postgraduate Program in Investment Management 

Diploma in International Audit Standards + ACCA Certificate 

Certification in IFRS + ACCA Certificate 

Master’s Degree in Law - LLM

Master´s Degree in Tax Law 

Master´s Degree in International Trade & Integration
Master´s Degree Administrative Law 

Master´s Degree in Corporate Law 

Mastology Specialty Program 

Emergency Medicine Specialty Program 

Traumatology and Orthopedics Specialty Program  

Occupational and Environmental Health Management Program 

Advanced Course in Sports Medicine 

Drug Addiction Treatment Specialty Program 

Advanced Course in Palliative Care 

Advanced Course in in Adolescent and Youth Health