Campus Life´s Theatre Workshop

Campus Life´s Theatre Workshop

Ten get-togethers where participants worked on their soft skills to communicate effectively.

The UM´s Campus Life Department began a theatre workshop for UM´s students, lecturers and staff, and the invitation lasts until the 18th of October. In the ten meetings every Tuesday, from 18:00 to 20:00 at UM`s headquarters, the participants work, using a playful and theatrical method, on soft skills to develop better communication skills. This workshop seeks to help participants gain skills towards better performance on a personal and professional level: looking, listening, concentration, verbal communication, and body language.

The Campus Life´s theatre workshop instructors are Carina Vanrell and Rodrigo Garmendia. Varnell is an actress, a graduate of MAD (School of Music, Acting and Dancing) and UM´s IEEM Project of Managerial Development (PDD). Currently, she is the coordinator of activities for IEEM Alumni. Garmendia is an actor (Municipal School of Dramatic Art, School of Musical Comedy, National Dance School), a graduate of PDD and IEEM, and a current artistic producer at Sodre´s training school of art.

In the get-togethers, the instructors propose exercises to train skills training, improvisation, tasks based on texts, and snippets of a movie, amongst other resources. For more information or enrolment, write to   

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