International Students attended a Uruguayan cooking class

Exchange students and buddies shared a fun night together
Comida internacional

On Friday, April 26, a group of UM international students attended a Uruguayan cooking class. It started with the recipe of the Uruguayan most famous dish “Chivitos”, followed by the most delicious dessert “Panqueques con Dulce de Leche”.

The students were divided in groups of three; each team received its ingredients and was in charge of the whole process.  First, the students observed the teachers method and then followed all the steps, from making the dough to accomplishing a very fascinating presentation of the dish.

Some occasional difficulties occurred with some teams, for example adding butter where they were not supposed to or accidently dropping some ingredients. But this was all part of the learning process and everyone had a lot of fun!

At the end, everyone was happy with the delicious outcome and happily ate its creation.

Marie, a French student tells us her experience, “The cooking class was very nice and fun! We learned to cook Uruguayan specialties but with easy recipes so it was perfect for all cooking levels.