Online Programs

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, UM offers the following online programs

The Uruguay & Latin America Online Program is a four-week online program designed for local and international students. It focuses on providing students with the fundamentals of literature, culture, communication, politics and the arts in Uruguay and the region.

The Program combines lectures, virtual field visits, and group projects. It also includes units on Uruguay & Latin America through Anglo writers, Contemporary Latin American History, art and films. 

Program outline:

  • Uruguay & Latin America through Anglo writers
  • Contemporary Latin American History
  • Latin America through Film
  • Latin American through its Art
  • Politics & Economy in Uruguay

The Universidad de Montevideo offers a selection of online courses for students enrolled at partner universities for the upcoming semester March-July 2021. Students will have the opportunity to follow online courses that award study credits, thus avoiding the necessity of traveling abroad due to the COVID situation.

Students can choose any courses if they meet the prerequisites for the course. Click here to see the list of courses available to international students. The course list may be updated as new information about courses becomes available.

The Universidad de Montevideo reserves the right to cancel or make changes to the program if the required minimum of participants is not reached.

Please check beforehand that your home university approves online courses completed at the UM and that you can transfer the credits back to your home university degree. 


To register online click here