The UM Law School was a leader in offering masters´ degree programs in Uruguay in 1986. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with an innovative curriculum that includes a US Law Program.

Students are prepared to think critically, to detect the core element of complex problems and to develop real-world solutions for the global demands of the 21st Century.

Since its inception, UM students have been distinguished in various international competitions.

Both the experience and the profile of UM students have shown that many who are pursuing a law degree aspire to work abroad, whether in multinational businesses or international organizations.

•    Undergraduate Degree in Law
•    Undergraduate Degree in Notary Public
•    Master’s Degree in Law - LLM
•    Master´s Degree in Tax Law
•    Master´s Degree in International Trade & Integration
•    Master´s Degree Administrative Law
•    Master´s Degree in Corporate Law